You feel small facing the great and mighty Northern Lights frequently seen in the open and flat landscape in Varanger in Eastern Finnmark. Here the possibilities are very good to see the spectacular phenomenon on clear weather days.

Northern Light. Photo: Knut Sverre Horn

Ekkerøy Holiday House is located 15 km east of Vadsø town with its 5,000 inhabitants. In the former fishing village Ekkerøy live around 30 inhabitans close to the sea and the mighty Varanger Fjord which is the largest fjord in Norway.

From here there is a tremendous view of the flat landscape, providing a perfect base for exploring the Northern Lights. Much sea and no mountains hides that for the big sky.

And as if that was not enough; our apartments are located in an area with little artificial light and wonderful views. We would like to bring you on hiking tours in the near surroundings - and we belive that magical moments may occur ...