To be an eco-tourism business means that we base our activity on the nature and culture in the area. We are a good and knowledgeable hosting; we actively take part in protecting the nature and the local culture and we take special care of the environment, Tjelle comments, who also says that the application process has made the quality of the business improve significantly.

Godkjent - Norsk Økoturisme - 2013-2016

Pleased tourism director

- It is great that we’ve gotten an eco-tourism business in Finnmark, Per-Arne Tuftin, the tourism director of Innovasjon Norway, says. He hopes that this can lead to more people willing to go for eco-tourism in the future.

- To get certified as an eco-tourism business is a great sign of quality, where the certified businesses must satisfy all 100 requirements in the national eco-tourism business system, Tuftin says.

- Now I hope that our new certification will give us an important network and access to an environment and quality-aware market out in Europe. We want our tourists to stay here longer and experience more of the fantastic nature, culture and wild animal life we have in this area, director Tjelle says.

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